First Retreat

Date: March 16-18, 2012
Location: Cabin at the Crossroads
I am so excited we have a full retreat.
I wanted to let you know a few things about the retreat and what you can expect.

1. I want this to be a time to learn, but also to relax and re-charge. So I will not be upset if you decide to not particpate in everything I have planned. Above all I want everyone to have a good time and use the weekend for whatever you need right then.

2. If you have already started your journey towards leading a healthy active life, this is great! If you're not sure what that journey looks like and want to email me for ideas ahead of time, please do so. The type of exercise I plan on using this weekend is part yoga, part pilates and mostly using your "core" muscles. I have used a book: The Core Program by Peggy W. Brill, P.T. to learn about our core muscles and how to strengthen them. You may be able to find the book at your local library or used book store. I have borrowed lots of exercise DVD's and VHS tapes to find what works for me. I am most happy with Ellen Barrett's style of exercise. I was able to find most of them through my library system. Then purchased the 2 I liked the most. I also used Ana Caban for pilates.

3. Food & Drink - Please email me if you have a food allergy I should be aware of. We are eating healthy and mostly fresh fruits and vegetables with herbal seasonings. I have already told some of you, that bringing a bottle of wine to share is fine. We just won't over indulge. :-)

4. Art projects that do not require any previous experience or artistic talent. Although I believe we all have an inner artist inside us.

5. Hiking, so bring comfotable shoes and clothing as the weather indicates. Layers are always good! Hiking poles are great too.