Women's Camp-out Retreat

Do you need a little time away from the family or just everyday hassles?
Are you ready for a little "roughing it"?
Join us June 22-24 for a fun-filled weekend of relaxation in nature.
I have received permission to use the BTA Century Barn located next to Tappan Lake in NW Harrison County.
The barn has been beautifully restored and has electric, indoor bathrooms, hot showers, a kitchen and wooden bunks in dorm style rooms. The lake is close enough to walk kayaks over to take a paddle. There is a trail up on the hill in front of the barn that isn't quite complete but makes for a beautiful walk out and back. We will have a campfire each night to relax by.

I am planning a simple art project, of a glue book, for the weekend. It will involve collage and watercolor crayons, and can be worked on all weekend.

To keep expenses down to a minimum, we will all bring food to share. I'll do a sign up as we get closer. There are 2 large refrigerators.

Everyone will be required to either: Join the Buckeye Trail Association for a single adult fee of $20.00 or family of $25.00. You may do this at http://www.buckeyetrail.org/memberform.html OR if you really do not want to join you can make a donation of $20.00 to the BTA during the weekend.

Things you will need: Sleeping bag, sleeping pad or twin size air mattress, pillow, towel and toiletries, breakfast and lunch food.
Things you might want to bring: exercise mat if you want to participate in daily yoga/Pilates type exercise routine, swimming suit, hiking poles, hiking shoes and basic art supplies (scissors, art pens, adhesive, glue sticks, stickers and personal quotes & images).

If kayaking, you will need your own kayak, PFD and paddle and you will be taking total responsibility for yourself while out on the water.

Sign-up by joining: Meetup Group: InSpIRe-Women's Retreats

The charge for this retreat is $25.00 per person.
You can mail me a check or ask for a PayPal invoice. PayPal will be $27.00.
Email me for my address or to request PayPal.
Email if you have any questions. debis7860@yahoo.com

I may up how many can come after I confirm how many bunks have been completed in the dorms. There is also a large area outside the barn for tents or campers.

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