Rockland Maine ... art mecca

So we are in Rockland, Maine for the month of April. There are so many art galleries and cool places to eat and listen to music. An old time movie theater. I will like this place.

We are looking for just the right property. We saw a beautiful 1767 colonial home with views of Lake Chickawaukie. The photo is from the living room.
It has 4 bedrooms for guest. A large dining room and a good size room to hold art workshops. It is less than 3 miles to the ocean. Because of it's age there are concerns about maintenance.

So we keep looking. Tomorrow we have 3 showings. So more to report soon.


  1. I live in Maine and am looking forward to you being here!!!

    1. Glad you found me. Where in Maine are you? I have facebook page too for InSpIRe, if you do facebook.


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